Composite Bonding

If you’re looking to transform your natural smile, composite bonding may be the perfect cost-effective solution for you.

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that involves applying a tooth coloured resin material to your existing teeth. This treatment is an excellent option to conceal imperfections such as chipped, cracked or discoloured teeth.

It’s a pain-free, non-invasive solution that doesn’t change or damage your natural teeth. It is a reversible treatment and offers a cost-effective solution to patients who may be looking to perfect their smile.

The Procedure

To ensure we give you the perfect smile, we will decide on a colour for your composite to match your teeth before treatment begins. Some patients prefer a whiter smile, therefore you may choose to whiten your teeth before undergoing treatment for composite bonding. But as your dentist, we will carry out a thorough clean of your teeth before treatment starts.

The composite resin allows for us to shape and sculpt it to match your teeth. It is then set in place, and the great thing about composite bonding is the material is designed to be extremely strong, lasting for years.

This treatment can often be completed with just 1 single visit to us, yet the difference in your smile and confidence will last you a long time!

Before & After

Think composite bonding could be the right treatment option for you? Contact us today or pop in and see our friendly team to discuss further.

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