How teeth whitening can make you look younger

A young woman resting her head on her hand, smiling with white teeth.

Are you ready to get your teeth whitened?

We spend an absolute fortune on all manner of anti-ageing products. Creams, pills, treatments at the beauty salon… you name it we buy it.

This has all turned the beauty market into one worth billions.

Some of us watch for every new line or wrinkle appearing, and spend hours in front of the mirror contorting our faces into all manner of peculiar expressions to try and tighten our necks…

Yet there is another sign of your age that few people consider: Your teeth.

A bright smile displaying nice white teeth can be a major factor in everything from attracting somebody you have your eye on, to getting that great new job.

According to a recent study having whiter teeth can make you appear more successful, become more employable, make you more attractive and can knock 5 to 10 years off of your age.

The majority of Brits want their teeth two shades whiter, whilst 3 out of 4 dentists have said that discoloured teeth is one of the biggest problems when it comes to our nation’s smiles.

British dentists are also claiming that 75% of us are now requesting whitening treatments, and the majority of them are requesting a smile as bright as their favourite celebs.

One of the most requested is Holly Willoughby. The study involved more than 2000 Brits, both male and female, and investigated their attitudes towards white teeth. They also questioned a number of leading dentists for their professional opinions.

Nearly one third of the men who took part in the survey believe that white teeth demonstrates both status and wealth, and it doubled their perception that those who have whiter teeth, had a private education or attended university.

Additionally, it appears that having your teeth whitened can actually have as much impact on your war against ageing as all those aforementioned creams, serums, pills et. As the study revealed that white teeth not only increased your attractiveness by 20% but knock years off your perceived age.

The study also looked at different situations and the effect white teeth can have on the outcome. When it came to first dates, the number one turn off was discoloured teeth and bad breath. These often come as a package, with smokers for example, and were well ahead of spots or bad hair days.

Men are now more worried about their teeth being discoloured than going bald, a complete reversal of similar studies done only a decade or so ago.

Our American cousins have always maligned us for our poor teeth, and this study clearly demonstrates that we are now finally accepting their opinion of us as fact and are doing everything we can to brighten our smiles.

Investing in that million dollar smile, for want of a better expression, is now being viewed as an investment in an asset key to our lifestyles. Whether searching for love, a new job or just being in a situation where a smile is needed, the time has arrived when we are all trying to put ourself in the best possible position to make a great impression on others through our smiles.

While our nation’s teeth, on the whole, are way better than a generation ago, the dentists in the study still say we are a nation of ‘lazy brushers’ and only 25% of us actually clean our teeth properly.

This practice needs to be improved as it goes hand in hand with treatments to give us that dazzling smile. Poorly cleaned teeth can not only exacerbate discolouration but can lead to enamel damage, which in turn limits the teeth whitening procedures available to you.

If this article has made you want to join the ever increasing band of people heading to the dentist for whitening treatment then please bear in mind it doesn’t stop there. Your dentist will probably told you time and time again how to brush your teeth properly but it is so easy, even with the best intentions, to fall back into old habits.

When you have your appraisal for your whitening treatment your dentist will not only give you a full examination to find the best one for you but will also give you advice on how to keep your teeth looking amazing for longer.

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How Teeth Whitening Can Be The Key To Confidence