Jerry’s Implant Transformation

Implant patient, Jerry

Check out Jerry’s implant transformation! Jerry first came to visit us because he wanted to improve his smile in time for his daughter’s wedding. He wasn’t happy with one of his front teeth and decided it was time to change this, so he could feel happier and more confident when smiling.

Before Jerry's dental implant


Dental implants are a permanent, long-lasting solution for replacing and restoring teeth. They act and function just like natural teeth, so they truly feel like they are your own.

Implants interface with the jawbone and are designed to support a dental crown. It is only a minor procedure that tends to be carried out under local anaesthetic.


Following the decision to go ahead with dental implants, Jerry underwent treatment to have his front tooth replaced with an implant. This involved a single implant and crown, which has totally transformed Jerry’s smile!

Jerry's implants before & after

Since completing his treatment plan, Jerry is smiling with complete confidence and looking forward to showing off his transformed smile as his daughter gets married.

Unsure if dental implants are for you?

If you’re dreaming of chewing, talking and laughing with confidence, and totally transforming your teeth, then get in touch today for a FREE consultation with our expert team or give us a call direct on 01202 487888.

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Graduated from Guys Hospital, London in 1988, co-established the practice with Simon in 1992. Kate has a special interest in orthodontics and smile design and also provides a sedation service if needed to support our practitioners when treating extremely anxious patients.