Sun & Skin Cancer Awareness – Treatment Now Available In Christchurch Bournemouth

Let’s take a look at some factual evidence conducted by Cancer Research UK.

The graph below shows the staggering increase of cases in the UK between men and woman since 1993. Men being the most common.

Chances have trebled in the last 20 years.

This is why it’s more important than ever to get reassurance if you’re concerned.

86% Of Cases Are PREVENTABLE!

The picture above says it all.

Which leads me to highlight the importance of always checking the backs of your sun lotion containers.

Living in Bournemouth means that naturally, we are at a higher risk of getting diagnosed with the early signs of skin cancer due to the above average temperatures and high UV rays.

Before you check your skin


Just because you trust a brand and you’ve chosen to use an spf factor above your needs, doesn’t mean it has the highest UV protection.

Always check your UVA rating to ensure you’re happy with the percentage of protection you’re getting as many top brands let slip compared to the lesser known ones.

High Stars DO NOT mean high prices £.

Often you’ll find the cheaper brands offer a higher UVA protection.

  • If the mark was on your face, you’d be more likely to get it checked. Apply the same attitude to your whole body & love ALL of your skin.

Use our previous blog here to help identify and learn about the different types of melanoma.

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