10 reasons to choose dental implants to replace lost teeth

Are you ready to get a tooth replaced?

They’ve been in regular use for some time now, and the technology has been constantly refined. There are now more implant options open for dentists than ever before. That’s all good news for you, the patient.

If you have one or more teeth missing and are currently struggling to get to grips with either a gap or a false tooth in the shape of a denture, here are just ten of the many reasons why dental implants are fast becoming the number one replacement for missing teeth.

They look like natural teeth

Due to the way they are fixed into your mouth and the composition of the replacement tooth itself, few other solutions look as natural as a dental implant.

Whether you are looking to replace one lost tooth or several, you are the only one who will ever know you have an implant. Which is reason enough to have a big smile on your face.

They don’t move

The foundation of an implant is a titanium screw attached to your jaw bone. This means your implants will never move once in place.

That’s totally unlike dentures, as this means you can eat all your favourite foods again without fear of your teeth moving or becoming unstuck. No more skipping past the juicy steaks in restaurants and heading to the pasta section.

They are a permanent solution

Once in place your dental implants should last a lifetime. As long as you live a healthy lifestyle and have regular dental check ups, those implants should have a life span of at least 20 years. Your dentist will be able to advise you more specifically about this.

They feel and act just like natural teeth

That’s the beauty of implants – once fitted, you can forget about them. You will eat, smile and talk with renewed confidence and they won’t discolour like natural teeth would if you have a penchant for red wine.

They are thought to prevent further bone loss from your jaw

This is one of the newest discoveries surrounding dental implants which has caused quite a buzz.

Bone is a living tissue that needs stimulation to keep growing and in the case of your jaw bone this comes from the roots of your teeth.

Once a tooth has gone the rate of the deterioration speeds up, potentially causing problems in the long term.

By having a dental implant you effectively trick the jaw bone into thinking it has a tooth there. This is because the bone fuses with the implant. No other tooth replacement carries this benefit.

They cause no damage to surrounding teeth

A tooth implant is completely independent, so it won’t cause any damage to the teeth next to it.

The same can’t be said for bridgework and dentures, especially those dentures secured by wires which hook around the teeth to hold them in position.

So not only do dental implants look great, they also have less of an impact on your remaining natural teeth.

They are so easy to care for

With other teeth replacement treatments, you have to care for them in special ways. With dentures for example, you have to use special cleaning treatments.

Not with implants. You simply brush and floss as before without having to shell out for any special toothpastes or powders. They will never need whitening either and won’t discolour over time in the way that plastic dentures do.

They have the highest success rate of all tooth replacement treatments

Dental implants currently boast a success rate of 95%.

The combination of cutting edge technology and your dentist’s ongoing care means that the risk of failure is minimal.

You can have the smile that you always dreamed of

We all have an idea of our perfect smile, and few of us come close to that without some kind of help. A row of perfectly straight, white teeth is now available to everyone thanks to dental implants.

They can be more affordable than you thought

Most dentists now offer a payment plan to help you pay for your implants which makes it much easier on the pocket.

Have a word with your recommended dentist and see what options they offer for dental implants.

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