Root Canal Treatment

Tooth ache? What now?

Many people don’t realise that teeth are not solid, they have a ‘soft centre’ filled with nerves and blood vessels which can become bruised, inflamed and infected causing toothache.

Root Canal Treatment

Can’t I just take some antibiotics?

To properly treat infections we must remove the cause i.e. kill the bacteria. Unfortunately, the blood supply into an infected tooth is very poor so taking antibiotics doesn’t work and the bacteria remain in the tooth gradually building up again until the pain returns.


Root canal treatment or extraction?

To treat an infected tooth the bacteria must be physically removed. This can be done in two ways, either tooth extraction (removing the tooth) or remove the infected soft tissue on the inside (root canal treatment).

Modern root canal treament using the latest techniques and intruments gives highly predictable and successful results meaning patients keep their teeth and avoid extractions.


Does it hurt?

No, we use highly effective state of the art anaesthetics to numb the tooth and surrounding area and we ensure you are fully comfortable before treatment begins.

Root canal treatment does take a lot longer than a normal filling because the complex root canal system must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the final restoration is placed in the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

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