(Wisdom) Tooth Extraction Frequent Questions

Sometimes, tooth extraction is necessary. Our Christchurch dentists are experienced in tooth extraction.  For one reason or another if you may need to have a tooth removed, here are some frequently asked questions we are often asked at our dental practice serving the Bournemouth & Christchurch areas of Dorset:

Will it hurt?

Modern local anaesthetics have come a long way in recent years. The tooth will be so numb that the only feeling is of pressure as it is removed. The anaesthetic gel that is put on the gum before the injection even makes this far less painful!

How long will it take?

Most teeth are out in a matter of minutes. Some are more stubborn and take longer as it is in your best interest to take some time to carefully remove the tooth – this minimises damage to the surrounding bone meaning less pain later and quicker healing.

Can I be put to sleep for it?

If you’re extremely anxious the team at Robinsons Dental Practice can offer you intravenous sedation. This helps remove any fears you may have and makes the whole experience almost ‘wonderful’!

Will it hurt afterwards?

You should expect to be taking painkillers for two days or sometimes longer. You have just had a small surgical procedure and it may still hurt for a week.

Follow the post-operative instructions you are given and you will feel much better soon.

 What about the gap?

Your dentist will talk you through the options. Leave it is a gap, fill it with a denture, attach a bridge, or replace the tooth with an implant.

Experiencing painful symptoms or need a second opinion?

If you have symptoms of pain or feel you may be getting poor advice from your current practice, please contact us today to arrange a second opinion. As a private dental practice based in Christchurch, Dorset, we take pride in offering the best treatment advice possible that is suitable for each patient’s needs across the Bournemouth & Christchurch area.


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Graduated from Guys Hospital, London in 1988, co-established the practice with Simon in 1992. Kate has a special interest in orthodontics and smile design and also provides a sedation service if needed to support our practitioners when treating extremely anxious patients.