How Teeth Whitening Can Be The Key To Confidence

A young man with brown hair and a beard looking at the camera, smiling.Can A Whiter Smile Boost Your Confidence?

Many people lack confidence about a certain area of their body. We all have something that we either detest or are ashamed of. Whether it be ugly feet, bitten nails, knobbly knees or whatever, we do everything we can to draw attention away from these to focus on other areas.

This all gets somewhat complicated, however, when the part of your body you are most embarrassed about is on your face and there for the world to see.

There are easy ways to disguise bad skin or to apply make up to make a big nose smaller, but what about your teeth? Every time you laugh or smile or talk your teeth are on display.

It may not be the shape that bothers you, teeth a little bit off kilter often bring character to a face, but there are two things guaranteed to make you feel embarrassed meeting new people for the first time; decaying teeth and discoloured teeth.

The first one should be a no brainer. Get them sorted out at the dentist as not only do they look unsightly they will eventually cause you a lot of pain.

Discoloured teeth, on the other hand, can creep up on you gradually. Food, alcohol, smoking and medication are all main causes of teeth discolouration. Anybody who has stood scrubbing their teeth with so called whitening toothpastes will know how stubborn it is when it comes to removal.

The more you are aware of your discoloured teeth, and the longer you put off doing something about it, the more self conscious you become. If you find yourself smiling on photos with your lips glued together then you have a problem; and you know it!

This then snowballs into other areas of your life and before you know it you can be turning down invitations and spending hours in front of the mirror trying everything you can get your hands on to brighten your teeth.

Special events become a nightmare. Think about it. What is the first thing you automatically do when you either greet people you know or meet them for the first time? You smile. This involuntary action conveys friendliness, shows you are glad to see them and delivers that all important first impression.

Go through important scenarios like a job interview, first date or wedding but with your mouth shut into a tight lipped smile. You wouldn’t be yourself. You can dye your hair, you can get contact lenses for your eyes but your natural smile is as much a part of your personality as your voice, and you owe it to yourself to be as bright and friendly as possible.

If you have been tempted to try the do it yourself teeth whitening kits but are worried about the reports you have read then you are right to be wary. These may or may not work for you; but one thing for certain is that they are short lasting. Teeth whitening is not ‘a one size fits all’ treatment as we are all different. And your teeth may not be able to withstand one whitening process that may be perfectly suitable for another person.

The only safe way to regain both your smile and your confidence is to take a trip to your dentist and be properly appraised for teeth whitening.

Only your dentist can determine the severity of the discolouration, check your teeth for suitability and advise on the best treatment for you to give you that amazing smile back.

It will be altogether more natural and much longer lasting than any kit you buy yourself.

Before you know it your confidence will be sky high and you will take any occasion in your stride as you know your smile is at its best, and that feeling is absolutely priceless.

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