Skin Lesion Removal In Christchurch

What is a skin lesion ?

A skin lesion is a part of a person’s skin that has an abnormal growth, or appearance, compared to the skin around it. A skin lesion may appear as a bump, a discoloured area or as a broken skin area, like non-healing scar or wound.

Should I get my lesion checked?

Yes, ideally sooner rather than later.
GPs always have their patients’ best interest at heart. However, they only receive a limited amount of dermatology training, which sometimes leads to skin lesions being misdiagnosed.

If you are worried, and need to obtain the second opinion, you need to seek opinion of a Dermatologist.
Dr Marsha Ostroumova, an experienced Consultant Dermatological Surgeon holds a dermatology clinic within Robinson’s Dental Practice in Christchurch. Her clinic is a recognised provider facility by many of the main health insurers, including BUPA.

Dr Marsha Ostroumova provides general dermatology consultations and a full range of skin surgical procedures, including complex facial reconstructions.
She is currently able to offer express mole checks for those patients not wishing full consultations.

Should I have my lesion removed?

Yes, if Dr. Marsha Ostroumova regards it to be cancerous or precancerous. You may also wish to have harmless moles, growths and marks removed, if you feel that you will look better without them, or if they cause you irritation.

What does procedure involve?

Local anaesthetic injection – this can be almost painless with prior application of a specially formulated anaesthetic gel prior to your procedure.

You can expect a pleasant ambience, welcoming atmosphere, expert surgical skill, friendly surgical assistant and all that constitutes an excellent clinical environment.

The length of the surgical procedure varies depending on its complexity – typically, from fifteen minutes to up to an hour. You will be given full wound care instructions and an antibiotic ointment to apply at home. You will be free to leave, and go home, after your procedure.

All skin specimens will be formally analysed, and reported on, by Specialist Private Histopathology Laboratory, normally, within a week.

What is the recovery like?

You will have quick and easy access to support from Dr Marsha Ostroumova and her team after your procedure.

You will be seen for a follow-up review in one week’s time – this will include wound review, discussion of the laboratory report and stitches’ removal.

Most dermatological surgery wounds settle within two or three weeks.

What are the costs?

You can check out our pricing here

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