Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

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Losing a tooth is something none of us like to imagine. But it happens, and if left untreated, this can have a huge impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Perhaps you have a gap in your teeth, so you’re embarrassed to laugh or smile in front of your loved ones which has led to a drop in your confidence. Or maybe you’re struggling to chew because you’ve lost one or more teeth.

Then dental implants could be the solution for you. They are the popular and modern way of replacing missing teeth. With a carefully tailored treatment plan, here’s 6 reasons why you might consider dental implants to restore your smile.

Dental implants function like normal teeth

The way in which implants are integrated into the jawbone means they will function just like

 normal teeth. This means you can chew, bite and laugh comfortably and with confidence so you can enjoy your favourite foods again without the worry!

They look and feel like natural teeth

Implants really are the closest thing we, as dentists, get to natural teeth. Unlike dentures or bridges, a dental implant is made of titanium and integrate into the bone, effectively replacing the root of the tooth. This means they end up mirroring the strength of your own natural teeth. With an expertly-crafted crown then placed on top of the implant, your teeth will look and feel just like your own.

A long-lasting solution

When it comes to missing teeth, there are alternatives to implants in the form of a dental bridge or denture. However, a dental bridge involves damaging healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth, which in the long term can potentially lead to further tooth loss. Dentures on the other hand, these can be bulky, alter the taste of your food and ultimately can be more difficult to manage.

If you consider dental implants fill that missing gap in your teeth, they have the potential to last many years due to the fact they are so robust. With zero impact on the neighbouring teeth, and looking after them just like you would your normal teeth, they really can last a lifetime.

They are easy to care for

Other teeth replacement treatments require special care. For example, dentures need to be treated with special cleaning solution.

Whereas dental implants, you simply brush and floss as normal and forgo having to shell out for any special toothpastes, powders or solutions. They also won’t discolour over time nor will they need whitening.

The highest success rate of all tooth replacement treatments

Implants boast an incredibly high success rate of 98%! With the combination of cutting edge technology and your expert dentist’s ongoing care, the likelihood of these failing in replacing your teeth is minimal.

Eat, smile and laugh with absolute confidence!

After treating hundreds of patients for dental implants, we know how self-conscious you can feel about your missing teeth or how wearing dentures has impacted your confidence to eat and smile. 

Implants are secure in place, and because they give a look and feel of natural teeth, they really do transform your confidence to eat, talk, smile and laugh.

Why not book a free consultation with us today to find out if dental implants could be the best option to replace your missing teeth? Simply call us today on 01202 487888 or click here to fill out a consultation form now.

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