Considering Dental Implants When Living In Dorset: Choose Via Reviews

When it comes to our teeth, It’s important to make the right decision.

Robinsons Dental Surgery In Christchurch, has 26 years experience fitting dental implants.

They take pride in offering a service that provides value. Starting with a consultation to evaluate if implants are firstly, the right option to achieve the results you desire.

Why choose dental implants & how long do they take to fit ?

Mostly, the initial thought when it comes to implants is to replace a missing tooth. Having implants will do much more than that. Implants will help to strengthen and protect the overall bone structure.

Further Health Benefits Include: Better oral health, improved speech, improved comfort, improved self esteem.

How long do implants take ?

The length of time on how long the process will take is determined by a few factors. Following an initial consultation, you may find a bone graft is required. Now this may sound scarier than what it actually is. In order to have an implant it’s important to recognise that you have the right jaw bone density to support the implant. if needed, time is allowed for the graft to integrate with your natural jaw bone and to heal. This varies person to person. In general, you’ll find this take a few months.

Next your dental implant will be fitted. This usually takes about an hour. It then takes about 4-6 months to heal so the bone can fuse around the implant. A few weeks healing once your abutment is attached. This is a small titanium rod attached to the implant. Finally impressions will be taken to create your crown which will be expertly crafted and fitted to the abutment.

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