New Dermatology Service In Christchurch & Bournemouth

Skin cancer is on the increase because of our love for the sun. There’s been a dramatic increase in referrals to NHS Dermatology Services in the Bournemouth in recent years. The incidence of skin cancer in Dorset is one of the highest in the UK. The number of melanoma cases has increased over 10 per cent in the last five years. Malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer often associated with ‘changing moles’. It’s now the fifth most common cancer in the UK. Half the patients diagnosed are over 65 however the rates are increasing in our younger population too. Malignant melanoma is the second most common cancer in adults under 50, according to Cancer Research UK.

As with all cancers, early detection is important for successful treatment of skin cancers.

Introducing Dr Ostroumova

Local residents can now take advantage of the new private dermatology clinic at the recently expanded Robinson’s Dental Practice. The clinic is located on Christchurch High Street, and thought to be the first collaboration of its kind in the UK.

This new clinic offers the opportunity for those patients who wish to look outside the NHS. This provides locals access to immediate diagnosis along with treatment for all types of skin conditions, both urgent and routine. Locally-based consultant dermatologist and cutaneous surgeon Dr Marsha Ostroumova will be heading the clinic. She offers dermatology consultations, diagnosis and a full range of skin treatments. These include mole checks, biopsies; advanced skin cancer surgery along with full private histopathology laboratory support will also be available.

Dr Ostroumova has been recognised as one of the countries specialist skin cancer surgeons since 2007. Besides the new Robinson’s clinic she also has had clinics at the BMI Winterbourne Hospital in Dorchester also the BMI Harbour Hospital in Poole. Along with her own clinic, Dr Ostroumova will also provide specialist training to the Robinson’s team to assess signs of skin lesions. The head and neck are also the most common areas of the body for non-melanoma skin cancers. This makes dentists an ideal prevention extension notice what may be early cancerous lesions and can advise patients on seeking out a definitive medical diagnosis.

Finally, If you’d like to book a dermatology consultation at Robinson’s Dental Practice in Christchurch, please get in touch.

Dermatology service in Christchurch

Consultant dermatologist and cutaneous surgeon Dr Marsha Ostroumova

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