Treatment In Bournemouth For Sensitive Teeth

This post will look at some of the reasons why you may be experiencing sensitive teeth. We hope that after reading this article you will feel confidently informed and that will allow you to take steps towards a plan of action.

Why do we get sensitive teeth?

  • Worn tooth enamel from using a hard toothbrush and using a hard grip while brushing aggressively.
  • Tooth erosion due to highly acidic foods and beverages.
  •  Tooth decay, worn leaky fillings and broken teeth that expose the dentine of your teeth.
  •  Gum recession that leaves your root surface exposed.
  •  Grinding your teeth at night.
  •  Dental treatment sensitivity – common, but temporary, especially with procedures such as crowns, fillings and tooth bleaching.

What’s causing the pain?

Tooth pain is caused when the nerve in the root of a tooth or surrounding a tooth is irritated. Dental (tooth) infection, decay, injury, or loss of a tooth are the most common causes of dental pain. As there are a number of reasons that can cause tooth pain and sensitivity, it is vital that you seek medical attention from a dental expert that has your best interests at heart.

What are the ways to reduce the pain?

At this stage it’s important that you seek medical advice before self prescribing any kind of treatment plan. Often the internet will give advice on how to treat a symptom. On the flip side you may read something that could cause unnecessary stress. If you’re reading this, we suggest that you contact us immediately, so that we can give you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for on the internet.

Can using a specialist toothpaste help?

Whilst it’s important to identify the issue thoroughly, there are ways in which certain toothpastes can help to block off the nerve endings.
This is a good solution for certain types of sensitivity however the root cause of the pain should be identified and your dentist can then advise you which products to buy for the best results.

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