Dental Implants: How They Restore Your Smile

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If you’ve lost some of your teeth, even just one, you’re probably thinking about replacing them. There are a number of options, from bridges to dentures – of which will do a sufficient job for what you’re looking for. However, as experts in delivering treatment to patients for dental implants, we cannot highlight the benefits of this alternative option enough. 

Let’s look at some of the advantages for your teeth and smile…


Dental implants are a permanent and long-lasting solution for missing teeth. Dentures, which tend to be made of plastic or metal, have a tendency to move around when eating and talking, and bridges can inconveniently become unglued over time.

Whereas implants are fitted and feel like your own, natural teeth giving you the ability to chew, talk and smile with complete confidence once again.

Permanent solution

What makes dental implants a permanent solution? Implants are integrated into your jawbone replacing the root of the tooth. With a crown placed on top, a dental implant replaces and replicates your missing teeth, functioning and feeling like natural teeth.

Unlike implants, bridges are fixed using one or more crowns and attaching to false teeth. The preparation for bridges can lead to potential further tooth loss in the long-term, which is why dental implants are such a fantastic long-term solution.

Simple procedure

Unlike other dental treatments, this is a simple procedure. We place dental implants under a local anaesthetic, and is a minor procedure for replacing missing teeth. Some even say it’s less traumatic than having a tooth out in the first place!

Ease of care & maintenance

Just as we would advise you to take care of your own, natural teeth, we give the same advice for caring for dental implants. 

Following an excellent oral hygiene routine will help your implants to last a lifetime. It’s as simple as brushing, flossing and regular check ups with your dentist, to ensure your implants continue to function like natural teeth.

With implants looking and feeling like your own, and a solution that can last a lifetime, they really are the answer to restoring your teeth and confidence to smile. 

If you long to converse, chew and smile with ease and comfort, come and speak to one of our expert dental implant dentists to see how we can help to give you back the pleasure and confidence of smiling again.

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