Sarah’s Composite Bonding Transformation

Sarah composite bonding transformation

“Kate has changed my life and given me a self confidence I thought I had lost.”

Meet Sarah, a recent patient of ours at Robinsons undergoing treatment for composite bonding. A few years ago, Sarah began to develop gaps in her teeth that left her feeling very self conscious and with no desire to smile.

“I have always been a smiley person and, with the good fortune of having straight teeth, I liked my smile. Suddenly, I found myself trying not to smile and avoiding cameras. At this point my gorgeous son married his beautiful wife. I couldn’t help but smile on such a fantastic day. However, when I saw the photographs I wanted to cry. All I could see were the gaps in my teeth.”

At this moment, Sarah decided to do something about it. Upon a recommendation from a friend, she booked a free consultation with Kate to discuss her options, with one of these being composite bonding.

“I think I cried! Finally, I had found someone who cared and was able to give me solutions.”

composite bonding transformation

Upon visiting us, we found the root cause of the gaps in Sarah’s teeth was unknown and untreated gum disease. Immediately we booked her in to see Mike, who set Sarah on a treatment plan to stabilise the gum disease.

Composite bonding allows us to build up the structure of the tooth where it has been lost. We bond a tooth coloured resin material to the existing tooth in order to reshape or improve the colour of the existing teeth. The resin material used is extremely strong and will last for years to come.

The procedure for Sarah took an hour and a half in total, yet the difference in Sarah’s smile and confidence now will last a lifetime.

“When I looked in the mirror for the first time with my new teeth, I cried…again! They were amazing! I felt like I did years ago. Just wanting to run out and smile at everyone. Kate was so careful and meticulous with my teeth that you cannot tell that I have had work done. They look completely natural. My friends and family are so impressed.”

If you are dreaming of bringing your smile and confidence back to life, just like Sarah, get in touch today to see how we can help.

Book in for a free consultation by filling in this form, or call us today on 01202 487888 and let’s begin the journey to your bigger and brighter smile.

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