Smile With Confidence: The Benefits Of Teeth Straightening With Aligners

A female holding a clear aligner tray between her hands, fixing it to her top teeth.

Smiling with straight teeth is something we hear about from many of our patients. Perhaps you’ve got crooked or misaligned teeth but the thought of wearing metal, fixed braces is off-putting. Since the innovation of clear aligners, this orthodontic treatment option has become the go-to for straight teeth. Aligners such as Invisalign® are custom-made plastic trays that fit over your teeth and help to shape and correct crooked teeth over time.

So what are the benefits of clear aligners?

  • They are discreet

Aligners can be described as ‘invisible braces’ because they are almost undetectable to the naked eye. These plastic trays fit onto your teeth without the need for any metal wires or brackets.

For most, the invisibility of aligners is what makes this treatment option so appealing. As a young adult, wearing traditional braces may knock your confidence and therefore stop you smiling as often. The same can be applied to us as adults. Whereas, teeth aligners that are virtually invisible will mean you can continue to feel confident when smiling.

  •  Comfort is key

You may have heard from friends or family members how uncomfortable fixed, metal braces can be. The benefit of these custom-made plastic trays is they are smooth and made to fit your teeth, without any metal wiring that may irritate your mouth.

  • Aligners are convenient

With clear aligners, you are able to remove them when you are eating. This means you can eat anything you like; unlike traditional braces, you won’t find food getting stuck and need to avoid certain foods that could damage them.

  • Maintain better oral hygiene

Aside from removing the aligners when you want to eat, they can be taken out when cleaning your teeth. Unlike fixed braces, you are free to clean your teeth and gums as normal without needing to be delicate around wires. When receiving your aligners, your dentist will show you how to clean your trays properly.

  • Faster results

Clear aligners can lead to quicker results when compared to the alternative traditional braces. Generally, we see treatment with aligners taking up to 12 months whereas achieving straight teeth with metal braces can take up to 2 years in some cases.

Something we make sure every patient is aware of, is the length of treatment is totally dependent on how consistent you are with wearing your custom trays. Your dentist will provide you with instructions to ensure you have the information you need to follow the treatment plan, and the good news is you can stay in control of your progress towards straighter teeth.

Aligners for straighter teeth may be just the treatment option you are looking for, however, depending on the complexity of straightening your teeth, you may not be eligible for teeth aligners. So if you’re feeling unsure, it’s best to discuss the options with your dentist.

At Robinson’s Dental Practice, we’re pleased to offer treatment for clear aligners and traditional braces. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation and let us help you towards smiling with confidence!

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